Old stuff never die!


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The 90’s

Best time of my life

Mid 90, when i was 10 years old, my dad showed me how some of his friends talked over the INTERNET.. wow..
mIRC got my eyes. EVERY day after school, it was irc-time. all day, all night, well allmost every night
Got friends, even a girlfriend i never met, but i was in love. Promise. 

Well, IRC is still alive, but also dead. We want to make life to it again, so now im soon to be 40 and working with friends to make the dream come true, or atleast try.

Do you want to connect to our servers? ofc you can.
Just do this in mIRC:

/server irc.ircworld.net



Network Administrator / Server Owner


Network Administrator / Server Owner

Ranks on irc.

Keep in mind that the exact ranks and their associated privileges can vary from network to network, and some network might have additional ranks or variations. Additionally, the popularity and usage of IRC have devreased over the years, with many people nor using alternative communication platforms like Discord, Slack, and other messaging apps.. but hey. how stable are those?

Regular Users

These are the standard users who join channels and participate in conversations.

Voiced Users (+v)

Voiced users have a «+» symbol next to their nickname. They often have the ability to speak in moderated channels, where only voiced users and operators can send messages.

Half-operators (+h)

Half-ops, denoted with a «+» symbol, have a few more privileges than voiced users. They can often kick and ban regular users, as well as voiced users, from a channel.

Operators (+o)

Operators, often denoted with a «@» symbol, have even more privileges. They can manage channel settings, kick and ban users, and make changes to the channel’s modes.

Channel Administrators

Depending on the network, there might be an even higher rank known as channel administrators or admins. They have the highest level of control over the channel and can make significant changes.

Network Administrators

These individuals have control over the entire IRC network, including server operations, user management, and other administrative tasks.